The Journal of Research and Applications in Mechanical Engineering (JRAME) is the official Journal of the Thai Society of Mechanical Engineers (TSME). JRAME is an international academic journal which publishes qualified manuscripts in all areas of mechanical engineering. 

JRAME is a traditional paper-based journal which can also be accessed electronically through the Internet.
Our website is:

Researchers and practitioners are welcome to submit original manuscripts to present and discuss their research findings, viewpoints, innovative ideas, practical solutions, etc. Topics of interest to JRAME include, but are not limited to, the following: 

- All traditional areas of mechanical engineering, such as mechanical design, manufacturing processes, dynamics, vibration, fluid and thermal sciences, control systems, computation and simulation techniques, energy, exergy, heat and mass transfer, combustion, HVAC, robotics, and biomechanics.
- ME-related topics in aerospace-, automotive-, marine-, metallurgical- and other engineering disciplines. 
- Appropriate technologies involving mechanical engineering sciences such as efficient charcoal stove, solar still, and solar dryer. 

Submitted manuscripts deemed suitable by JRAME’s editorial staff will be peer-reviewed to ensure its originality, quality and novelty. Manuscripts must be written in English only.
All manuscripts submitted to JRAME undergo peer-review process via double-blind review.

The full author guidelines for style and procedure can be found at the website. Further inquiries should be directed to the journal editors.

Please submit your original manuscript as soon as possible via website to: