Information For Librarians

JRAME solicits original articles in all traditional areas of mechanical engineering, such as mechanical design, manufacturing processes, dynamics, vibration, fluid and thermal sciences, control systems, computation and simulation techniques, energy, exergy, heat and mass transfer, combustion, HVAC, robotics. Also solicited are ME-related aspects in aerospace, automotive, marine, metallurgical and other engineering disciplines. Appropriate technologies involving ME-science are very welcome (such as efficient charcoal stove, solar still, solar dryer, improved or innovative human-powered devices). Those who have innovative ideas, concepts, alternative means and theories in ME are encouraged to submit their original manuscripts which, indeed, will get preferential treatment from JRAME since we are very keen on innovation. It is our firm intention that JRAME be a well-balanced academic journal in ME wherein theory, experiment, applications and innovation can, in an integrative manner, help enhance and advance the science of mechanical engineering.


1. Alternative Energy and Combustion
2. Aerospace, Automotive and Marine Engineering
3. Applied Mechanics, Materials and Manufacturing
4. Biomechanics and Bioengineering
5. Computation and Simulation Techniques
6. Dynamics systems, Robotics and Control
7. Energy Technology and Management
8. Thermal System and Fluid Mechanics
9. Mechanical Engineering Education