Journal of Research and Applications in Mechanical Engineering (JRAME) focuses on the highest possible ethical standards of publication practice. 

As Editors of JRAME:   

  1. Editors should review all submitted manuscripts to ensure the state-of-the-art and quality of the published manuscripts.
  2. Editors should make fair and unbiased decisions on all submitted manuscripts which are independent from commercial consideration.
  3. Editors should monitor and ensure a fair and appropriate peer review process.
  4. Editors should adopt editorial policies to promote maximum transparency, completed and honest reporting.
  5. Editors should protect the integrity of the published records by issuing corrections and retractions when needed.
  6. Editors should pursue suspected and/or alleged works as well as reviewer, editorial and publication misconduct.
  7. Editors should state all JRAME expectations to peer reviewers and authors.
  8. Editors should maintain appropriate policies to handle editorial conflicts of interest.

As Authors of JRAME:

  1. The submitted manuscripts should focus on ethical and responsible manners.
  2. The submitted manuscripts should comply with all relevant legislation.
  3. Authors should present their results clearly and honestly.
  4. Authors should present their results without illegal, falsification or inappropriate data manipulation.
  5. Authors should follow publication requirements.
  6. Authors should submit their original works which are not plagiarized and/or have not been published elsewhere.
  7. Authors should state funding sources and relevant conflicts of interest.

As Reviewers of JRAME:

  1. Reviewers should provide prompt manuscript feedbacks to the Editors of JRAME.
  2. Reviewers should keep information of all reviewed manuscripts confidentially.
  3. Reviewers should pursue suspected and/or alleged works as well as publication misconduct.
  4. Reviewers should report reasons and possible conflicts of interest which relate to the reviewed manuscripts and their authors.
  5. Reviewers should mention possible plagiarism if authors misplace and/or fail to indicate relating publications including their own.
  6. Reviewers should provide review decisions and comments clearly using supportive statements.
  7. Reviewers should inform the Editors of JRAME if the reviewers do not have the expertise on the reviewed manuscripts.