Information For Authors

Manuscripts submitted to JRAME must be written in English and should be formatted in the same form and style as that of the final journal article.

- Manuscripts are accepted for review with the understanding that the same work has not been and will not be submitted elsewhere, and that its submission for publication has been approved by all of the authors and by the institution where the work was carried out. Any person cited as a source of personal communications must approve such citation.

- The title should contain the article title, authors' names and affiliations and the address for manuscript correspondence (including e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers). For each author, a numbered superscript should be used to indicate institution affiliation. The corresponding author should be indicated by the asterisk “ ” symbol and the presenting author should be identified by name underlining. The corresponding author’s telephone/fax numbers and e-mail address should be provided as the final item in the title block.

- The size of the manuscript must be custom (19 cm x 26 cm) and it should be typed in single paragraph with single spacings and the Top of margins 1.7 cm, Bottom of margin 1.5 cm, Left and Right of margin 1.3 cm. 

- All manuscripts submitted to JRAME undergo peer-review process via double-blind review. Normally, three reviewers should be invited to comment on a manuscript. Authors may request that certain reviewers not be used, but this decision should be left to Editor's discretion.