Remote Sensing for Studying of Soil Moisture: Techniques and Available Data Sources


  • Wirote Laongmanee Faculty of Marine Technology, Burapha University, Chanthaburi Campus
  • Sawarin Lerk-u-suke Department of Geographic Information Science, School of Information and Communication Technology
  • Phanu Uthaisri Division of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Rajamangala University of Technology



Soil Moisture, Remote Sensing, Soil Moisture Data Sources


This study aims to explore soil moisture data sources and review various techniques for obtaining soil moisture data from remote sensing technology. Results reveal available data sources that allow users to access, download and manipulate the soil moisture data via the internet. Remote sensing techniques and their related methods for extracting the soil moisture data are also mentioned. According to the demonstrated result, the use of soil moisture data can be applied to the engineering and environmental application, burning area, and air pollution (PM10 and PM2.5) management and disaster monitoring efficiently.


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