Effect of Injection Frequency on Actual Fuel Injection Rate of Piezoelectric Diesel Fuel Injector

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J. Boonjun
N. Kammuang-lue


The objectives of this research was to investigate the effect of injection frequencies (IF) on the actual fuel injection rate (Act.FI) and discrepancy between Act.FI and ideal fuel injection rate (Ideal.FI) of a piezoelectric diesel fuel injector (PDF). IF and duty-times (Dt) of injector control signal (ICS) were varied from 8.33 Hz to 33.33 Hz and 200 μs to 2,000 μs respectively. Moreover, difference pressure (Dp) and fuel temperature (Ft) were varied from 800 bar to 1,600 bar and 25 oC to 45 oC respectively. It was found that when the IF increased, the Act.FI proportionally increased with a higher gradient compared with an increase of the Ideal fuel injection rate (Ideal.FI) at a certain Dt. The minimum Act.FI was shown at lowest IF equaled to 12.9 g/min appearing at Dp and Ft of 800 bar and 45°C. The maximum Act.FI was shown at highest IF equaled to 190 g/min appearing at Dp and Ft of 1,600 bar and 25°C. The discrepancy was directly proportional to the IF which demonstrated the maximum value of 7.7 g/min or equaled to 4.07% compared to Ideal.FI at IF of 33.32 Hz appearing at Dt, Dp and Ft of 2,000 μs, 1,600 bar and 45°C. These were affected by nozzle closure delay which was consequently influenced by the movement of an injector needle. The benefits obtained from this research could be utilized by compensating the Act.FI to be close to the Ideal.FI in the actual operation of a common rail direct injection diesel engines.

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Boonjun, J., & Kammuang-lue, N. (2024). Effect of Injection Frequency on Actual Fuel Injection Rate of Piezoelectric Diesel Fuel Injector. Journal of Research and Applications in Mechanical Engineering, 12(1), JRAME–24. Retrieved from https://ph01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/jrame/article/view/254005


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