Numerical study of synthetic LPG flames affected by vortex generator on an air port of slot burner

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M. Phootornsri
A. Kaewpradap


The parameters of the vortex generator (VG) were designed to apply for non-premixed synthetic LPG combustion on a Slot Burner (SB). The objectives are improvement of mixing and increase of flame temperature. The mathematics model was used to study the effects of the parameters, there are position, angle, direction, aspect ratio (AR), and distance (S) between the vortex generator on an air port of SB, it is called VGSB. The VG was installed on an air port with 60-degree angle, CW direction, AR=0.4, and S=1 mm, it could improve the combustion characteristics due to the VG was increased the airflow velocity, induced a well-mixed between fuel and air, made the uniform temperature distribution. It was affecting to the higher flame temperature of LPG combustion.

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Phootornsri, M., & Kaewpradap, A. (2022). Numerical study of synthetic LPG flames affected by vortex generator on an air port of slot burner. Journal of Research and Applications in Mechanical Engineering, 10(2), JRAME–22. Retrieved from


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