The effect of rotational speed variation on the performance in the centrifugal pump

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K. Bogarrasa


The current study aims to investigate the effect of rotational speed on the performance characteristics of a centrifugal pump. The experimental test section consists of one horsepower (hp), motor-driven centrifugal pump, and impeller. The impeller has eight blades which are accomplished by the installation of a torque and pressure gauge for collecting data of flow rate and pressure. The pump's operating speed was varied at 1500, 2000, 2500, and 3000 revolutions per minute (rpm), respectively. The effect of speed diversity on centrifugal pump performance was investigated in terms of the total head (H), Water horsepower (Nu), Input horsepower (Na), and efficiency (η).The results obviously show that rotational speed has a significant impact on centrifugal pump performance. All performance parameters are sensitive to changes in rotational speed. The flow rate at which the pump operates has a significant impact on the performance of the head, power, and efficiency.


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