Evaluation of double tilted-glassed cover distillation system using metalloid-typed double heat absorber

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N. Pannucharoenwong
P. Rattanadecho
A. Phongsavath
S. Echaroj
K. Nabudda


Experiment in this research was conducted to evaluate the competent of double tiled-glassed cover distillation system (DTGD) in production of distilled water. The main parameter investigated was the heat absorber’s size as a percentage based on the water surface inside the distillation unit. The amount of distilled water, total solar flux, and temperature inside the DTGD were monitored throughout the day. These data were stored and analyzed via an engineering equation solver (EES) to obtain the efficiency of different sizes of heat absorber from 10% to 90% of the water surface area.  The total amount of distilled water produced from 10% aluminum was 1.6 liter per day.  The volume of distilled water was monitored to calculate the efficiency of the distillation unit. Results showed the highest distilled volume of 1.6 liter per day. An increase in area to 90% caused the efficiency of the DTGD to drop from 26% to 17%, while the rate of distillation decreased to 0.98 liter per day. Efficiency reduction from an increase in heat absorber’s area was due to the inaccessibility of solar radiation through the heat absorber.


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Pannucharoenwong, N., Rattanadecho, P., Phongsavath, A. ., Echaroj, S., & Nabudda, K. (2019). Evaluation of double tilted-glassed cover distillation system using metalloid-typed double heat absorber. Journal of Research and Applications in Mechanical Engineering, 7(1), 33–44. Retrieved from https://ph01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/jrame/article/view/177020


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