Investigation of swirling flow‐field in an isothermal vortexing fluidized bed combustor

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S. Sripattanapipat


A two-dimensional mathematical model of strongly swirling turbulence flow in the vortexing fluidized bed combustor (VFBC) is performed in this paper. Computations, based on finite volume method, were carried out by utilizing the standard k-gif.latex?\varepsilon model and the Algebraic Reynolds stress model (ASM) for the closure of the second-order correlation moment in the time averaged governing equations. It is observed that the Algebraic Reynolds stress model (ASM) performs better than the k-gif.latex?\varepsilon model in predicting the axial and tangential velocity profiles. In addition, computations using different numerical differencing schemes found that the use of upwind and hybrid schemes leads to slightly better results than that of QUICK and SOU schemes.


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Sripattanapipat, S. (2018). Investigation of swirling flow‐field in an isothermal vortexing fluidized bed combustor. Journal of Research and Applications in Mechanical Engineering, 2(2), 111–121. Retrieved from


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