Design and simulation of sugarcane loader structure

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K. Meetam
P. Karin
T. Luckanawat
C. Benyajati
M. Okuma


The Entrepreneurs in small and medium size enterprises (SME) have an experience in sugarcane loader structure fabrication for a long time but it has not been developed with sufficient and appropriate engineering technologies. Thus, the purpose of this research is to design and analyze the strength of the sugarcane loader structure bases on engineering. The sugarcane loader structure was designed by Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), for the 45 horsepower KUBOTA ZL-1 Reverse tractor, which can install grab equipment to lift 300 kilogram of sugarcane mass up to 5 meters from ground, that total weight is approximately 3.5 tons. Using Finite Element Method (FEM) to simulate stress contour to occurs on the part with the sufficient structural strength to operate on the farm. The knowledge is gained from design and development of sugarcane loader structure bases on engineering which can be transferred to the entrepreneur for sugarcane loader structure proceeding. The 3D model of sugarcane loader structure was designed and analyzed under static condition with maximum hydraulic force. Moreover, the stress result of Finite Element Analysis was verified by using classical theory.


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Meetam, K., Karin, P., Luckanawat, T., Benyajati, C., & Okuma, M. (2018). Design and simulation of sugarcane loader structure. Journal of Research and Applications in Mechanical Engineering, 5(1), 30–41. Retrieved from