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Benya Kasantikul


Thailand is an agricultural country so farmers are in danger in contacting chemicals, insecticides, and fertilizers. This work was on a fertilizer –in-bubble releasing system that allowed farmers to fertilize plants safely without having to contact with chemicals and could save the amount of fertilizer solution. The ultrasonic atomization technique was introduced in this bubble releasing system. The result of the test to find the dispersion of bubbles released when attached to the aircraft revealed that there was very little dispersion when the bubbles were coming down from the aircraft which was about 1.5-3 meters higher than the top of plants. Also, it was found that the rate of use of the fertilizer solution was just 400 cc/hour. The result showed that the bubble releasing system could save the fertilizer volume more 90% than that of the old fertilizer spraying system. The dispersion areas of the bubble released varied according to the height range.


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