Waste Thinner Recycline

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wichien srihanaj
Sompop sanongraj


The present research aimed to study a distillation of the waste thinners from the car painting process using the prototype thinner recycler (Patent application number 1403000731). The prototype thinner recycler used in the present study was invented by Mr. Adun Janyalertadun and colleagues. The properties of the waste thinners before and after the distillation were determined and compared with the unused thinner. The distillation experiments of the waste thinner were carried out at the Technical center (2006) company, UbonRachathani province. Three different temperature conditions at 70 °C, 80 °C and 90 °C were applied for 90 min. The results revealed that the specific gravity values of the waste thinner were 0.880, 0.880 and 0.871 before the distillation, 0.854, 0.048 and 0.847 after the distillation, respectively. The specific gravity value of the unused thinner was 0.840. The absorbance values of the waste thinner were 2.797, 2.826 and 3.041 before the distillation, 1.297, 1.388 and 1.313 after distillation, respectively. The absorbance value for the unused thinner was 1.302. It was found that the distillation temperature influenced the distillation efficiency and distillation rate. The distillation efficiency and distillation rate trended to increase as the distillation temperature increase. The average volume of the distilled waste thinner 6,000ml was 596.50±116.67ml (9.94%), 2,698.00±247.49ml (44.97%) and 3,039.00±164.05ml (50.65%) at the distillation temperature of 70 °C, 80 °C and 90 °C, respectively. The average distillation rates were 6.63±1.29ml/min., 29.98±2.75ml/min. and 33.77±1.82ml/min. at the distillation temperature of 70 °C, 80 °C and 90 °C, respectively.


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wichien srihanaj และ S. sanongraj, “Waste Thinner Recycline”, J of Ind. Tech. UBRU, ปี 10, ฉบับที่ 1, น. 76–84, เม.ย. 2020.


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