- Development of Traceability for a Chemical-Free Vegetables System using a QR Code (pp. 1-15)
- Mapping of Literature in the Field of Chemo-informatics (pp. 16-32)
- Modeling Deep Feature for Lung Disease Classification in Chest X-ray Images (pp. 33-51)
- Development of an Emergency Notification System with GPS Sensors to Analyze Access Routes for Emergency Medical Services using IoT and Open Route Service (pp. 52-64)
- Intelligent Fall Alert System for Identification and Fall Detection (pp. 65-83)
- Online Dating for Breeding Cats using Gale-Shapley Algorithm (pp. 84-97)
- Knee Joint Muscle Measurement Application for Physical Therapy Treatment
- The Development of Information System for The Management of Materials via QR Code and Line Notify With MVC Framework

Published: 2023-10-10