Intelligent Fall Alert System for Identification and Fall Detection

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Narote Nilsukhum
Wiyada Yawai


At present, accidents caused by falls causing loss in the elderly and those living alone. The resulting loss can lead to disability or even death if not treated in time. Therefore, the developers propose a new technique for detecting falls. It uses image processing from IP cameras with MediaPipe and bounding box technology to help fall and gesture detection. And also adds to the identification of the person who was involved in the accident, which uses LBPH technology to know who the accident victim is. As for notifications, Line Notify is used to allow program users to access notifications easily and quickly. The accuracy of the test was 93.1% for identifying faces and 90.5% for detecting falling gestures.


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Nilsukhum, N., & Yawai, W. (2023). Intelligent Fall Alert System for Identification and Fall Detection. Journal of Applied Informatics and Technology, 6(1), 65–83. Retrieved from
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