The Development of Information System for The Management of Materials via QR Code and Line Notify With MVC Framework

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Wisut Petcharat
Taechita Sutthirak
Teerawat Poolphol
Kunwadee Janwichian
Pattanun Atitang
Waraporn Kanjanaklod


The objectives of this research were 1) to design and develop information system for commodity management via QR Code and Line notify with MVC Framework 2) to survey satisfaction of using QR Code commodity management information system and Line notify. The results showed that the information system developed by RAD process in the form of a web application with PHP CodeIgniter Framework and Bootstrap System work as a mobile web by storing data with MySQL database management system. The system can create and read QR Code online and can link to work with the Line Notify API system, allowing the system to help facilitate and solve problems. of the management of materials, durable goods and notification of repairs quickly and efficiently. The satisfaction survey has an average of 4.72, in high level.


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Petcharat, W., Sutthirak, T., Poolphol, T., Janwichian, K., Atitang, P., & Kanjanaklod, W. (2023). The Development of Information System for The Management of Materials via QR Code and Line Notify With MVC Framework. Journal of Applied Informatics and Technology, 6(1). Retrieved from
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