Knee Joint Muscle Measurement Application for Physical Therapy Treatment

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Wimonluk Pintusirakun
Raphiphat Netphlap
Tiwa Koson
Wisan Tangwongcharoen


The knee joint muscle measurement application for physical therapy treatment was developed to aid patients and the elderly with knee problems during the physical therapy session. It was developed in conjunction with a device that has a gyroscope sensor to detect the movement. The signal was then sent to a computer server, while doing physical therapy through a Wi-Fi device, in order to record information about patients and the elderly, including postures used in physical therapy practice, amount of treatment time, degree of leg movement, etc. The software also records the physical therapist's information for inspection and analysis. We tested the device on ten volunteers for satisfaction. The satisfaction test results indicated that people in their 20s were satisfied with the knee joint muscle measurement device for physical therapy, with a satisfaction rating of 3.95.


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Pintusirakun, W., Netphlap, R., Koson, T., & Tangwongcharoen, W. (2023). Knee Joint Muscle Measurement Application for Physical Therapy Treatment. Journal of Applied Informatics and Technology, 6(1). Retrieved from
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