The Application of Geo-Informatics Technology to Assess the Potential Location of the Hotel Business on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand


  • Rungathit Buchain Faculty of Geo-Informatics, Burapha University
  • Kitsanai Charoenjit Faculty of Geo-Informatics, Burapha University



Geo-Informatics Technology, Hotel Business, Potential Evaluation of Location, Eastern Seaboard


The objective of this research was to evaluate the potential of the suitable locations for the hotel on the eastern coast of Thailand by using analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to create criteria for analyzing the suitable locations of the hotel business. Field survey was conducted to collect hotel location data, and spatial factors data were created to analyze the potential and suitable location of the hotel business using potential surface analysis (PSA), a technique in geographic information system. The results showed that the total number of hotels in the highest potential areas was 99 hotels, consisting of 58 hotels in the coastal area of Chon Buri Province and 41 hotels in Rayong Province. There were 154 hotels in the evaluation area that were moderately suitable locations, consisting of 32 hotels in Chon Buri Province, 47 hotels in Rayong Province, 57 hotels in Chanthaburi Province, and 18 hotels in Trat Province. There were four hotels evaluated in the low-potential locations, and all the hotels were in the coastal areas of Trat Province.


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