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Jiraphan Chotiratanasak
Tharapong Vitidsant
Maneerat Khemkhao


            Plastic waste is the largest component of municipal solid waste (MSW) on Samui Island, which still has many management problems. Pyrolysis is an interesting technology that could help reduce plastic waste by converting it into more valuable fuels. Therefore, the focus of this research was to convert plastic waste from Samui Island into fuel via the thermal pyrolysis and catalytic pyrolysis processes. The pyrolysis reaction was carried out at various temperatures (390, 425, 450, and 475 ºC) with and without a catalyst in a 3-L bench-scale reactor to determine the optimal condition that produced the highest yield of pyrolysis oil. The raw material was a 1:1 weight ratio of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP) plastic wastes, and the catalyst was 3 wt.% spent fluid catalytic cracking (FCC). The reaction time was determined until there was no liquid product left. The results revealed that 450 ºC was the optimal temperature for both the thermal pyrolysis and catalytic pyrolysis, with the highest pyrolysis oil yields of 84.21% and 70.12%, respectively. The pyrolysis oil components for the thermal pyrolysis were 37.00% naphtha, 18.60% kerosene, 37.40% diesel, and 7.00% long residue, while the catalytic pyrolysis were 39.90% naphtha, 17.10% kerosene, 35.40% diesel, and 7.60% long residue. Furthermore, thermal pyrolysis took longer than catalytic pyrolysis to complete.


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