• Kruwan Wongsurith Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, Kasem Bundit University, 1761 Pattanakarn Rd. Suanluang Bangkok 10250
  • Adirak Kanchanaharuthai Lecturer, Department of Electrical Engineering, Rangsit University, 52/347 Phaholyothin Rd, Lak Hok, Muang District, Patumthani 12000
  • Somchai Poonyaniran Lecturer, Department of Electrical Engineering, Rangsit University, 52/347 Phaholyothin Rd, Lak Hok, Muang District, Patumthani 12000
  • Pinit Ngamsom Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Rangsit University, 52/347 Phaholyothin Rd, Lak Hok, Muang District, Patumthani, 12000


Nonlinear congestion control, backstepping-like control, TCP/AQM network.


This study is aimed to designing a backstepping-like controller for Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) network to deal with the Active Queue Management (AQM) problem. Based on this strategy, the design control law can be used to cope with the congestion tracking problem for a TCP/AQM nonlinear model. Furthermore, with the help of backstepping-like strategy, a nonlinear stabilizing feedback congestion controller is proposed to ensure that the queue length can track the desired queue length and that the window size is stable. The developed control design is validated in the MATLAB environment. The effectiveness of the proposed control is verified through simulation and compared with an integral sliding mode controller and a conventional sliding mode controller. The simulation results indicate that the presented strategy is able to not only solve the desired congestion tracking control problem, but also provide improved transient performances.


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