About the Journal


* Objective

          - To disseminate researches of the Faculty of Engineering of Kasem Bundit University.

          - To disseminate researches of lecturers both inside and outside university, and independent academics, researchers and engineers.

          - To promote and encourage research both inside and outside university, lead to the strengthening and growth up in researches and development of the engineering knowledge to be the link between academic and professional with the intention of beneficial to the society.

          - To create a supportive mechanism for dissemination as well as the collection and selection of researches and creative works for the use in academic and professional fields as a part of quality assurance.


*Articles published in Kasem Bundit engineering

Articles that can be published in Kasem Bundit Engineering Journal (KBEJ) have to focus on research or Academic articles such as review articles, technical articles, professional articles, and professional practice, etc. Sometimes it can be an invited articles or other articles, this is up to the editorial board decision. The articles should be as follows.

  • A research article or academic article that will result in academic and professional advancement.
  • An article that has never been published before, either local or international.
  • The article is not in the process of being reviewed by other publisher.
  • The article does not infringe on the copyrights of others, the content of the article is not copied, or excluded from the research of others, or from other articles without permission, or without proper reference.
  • The author has edited the article according to the recommendation of the peer reviewers or the editor.
  • Other type of articles from the above details, it will be determined by the editorial board as a specific case.


* Evaluation of articles

 Evaluation of articles published in Kasem Bundit Engineering Journal (KBEJ) is as follows.

            - All articles will be read and reviewed by experts with specific expertise in the field, At least two people in the system “Double-blind Review” system will be covered by the panel.

            - Editor will review the article on the accuracy of the article format. If not passed, it will be returned back to the author for revision. If passed, it will enter to the review process by experts.

- The reviewers will then submit their reports on the article along with their recommendation of one of the following actions to the Editor: Publish Unaltered, Consider after Major or Minor Changes, or Reject: Manuscript is flawed or not sufficiently novel. Then the evaluation results will notify. After the author finishes editing/revising, the publication schedule will then be announced.

          - Editor reserves the right to alter the format of the submitted article and may be sent back to the author for addition or modification as a new article, case by case.

          - Acceptance of publication or rejection is the editor right.  Editor is not responsible for the content or accuracy of submitted articles published, content validity, language and writing style are the responsibility of the author.



            The article has been published in Kasem Bundit Engineering Journal (KBEJ) is the copyright of the Kasem Bundit University. Do not bring all of the messages or republished except permission from the university.


* Responsibility

          If the article is published as an article that infringes the copyright or has the wrong content the author of article must be responsible.



          Three issues a year, or Issued 4 months. (January to April, May to August, and September to December)