• Suban Lertnawapan Graduate Student, School of Science and Technology, Shinawatra University 99 Moo 10, Bangtoey, Samkhok, Pathum Thani 12160
  • Suchai Thanawastien Lecturer, School of Science and Technology, Shinawatra University 99 Moo 10, Bangtoey, Samkhok, Pathum Thani 12160
  • Prayuth Swadriokul Lecturer, The Institute of Public Administration and Governance, Shinawatra University 99 Moo 10, Bangtoey, Samkhok, Pathum Thani 12160


Stakeholder, Management, Stakeholder Management, Process


The stakeholder management was essential for both government and non-government organization. There was stakeholder management process but it was hard to choose one with best practice. In this research, American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) a global authority in benchmarking, best practices and process, its process framework was brought to support creating stakeholder management process. Expert opinion was performed on the proposed process. With a new process, the expert agreed that the process was included policy planning, stakeholder identifying, analysis and strategic formation, and building and monitoring stakeholder.


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