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Charn Kulthavarakorn
Suchai Thanawastien
Krissada Maleewong


The new paradigm of smart home is to view the smart home as the composition of living processes interacting among themselves or with the environment. The active environment can manage the environment with sensors and controls in a pre-specified way. In this paper, we view the environment is implemented with physical sensors and info-sensors. The info-sensor is the distillation of information from internet for providing alert, warning and reminding to the living processes.  In this system, a living process engagement room is developed as a centralized tool for all the family members to interact, communicate and find resolution. The physical and info-sensors are all connected to the LPER, all the controls can be activated or reactivated from the LPER. There are other channels in the LPER including chat space, map and video space, note, and time-context space to provide warning and alert of those time-sensitive items such as bill-to-pay, doctor appointment, trip schedule, etc. The LPER architecture is therefore provide an innovative method to build smart home that support living processes of home owners, regardless if they at home or stay outside.


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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)