• Suphanchai Punthawanunt Dean for Faculty of Science and Technology, Kasem Bundit University
  • Sutapat Sappajak Associate Dean for Faculty of Science and Technology, Kasem Bundit University
  • Yusaku Fujii Director for School of Science and Technology, Gunma University


Fully Automated, Diskless System.


In universities, the computer machine and computer lab seem to be very necessary for learning and studying in terms of practical skills. It was found that 1) There are more and more students who are in need of such computers for their computer-related study. 2) More budgets are needed for hard disk drive maintenance caused by electricity problem and incorrect usage. 3) Incorrect way of data editing. 4) No virus-protection program is set up or no program updated. 5) Too complicated way of hard disk drive’s management in computing center. 6) New developed software is not supported by old original operation system. 7) Too complicated way of software selection is the purpose of learning and study. So this research offers how to resolve problem by introducing the Diskless System for Computer Laboratory (DSCL) which is the new standard of storing the data which enable the computer and network center to save, retrieve and send-receive the data with high-speed network. The system will allow the transmission of the covered SCSI Command through TCP/IP package, which is the main protocol, used widely for the time being. The idea of DSCL is that each machine of Client has no hard disk but will boot up from Local Area Network (LAN) and retrieve the image file which contain the Operating Systems and other data from server and are used as hard disk (similar hard disk). The DSCL is enabled the system controller to manage more efficiently the laboratory in universities, easier and quicker. The computing center’s staffs can use this developed DSCL to manage and operate the system maintenance for helping users efficiently. 






บทความวิจัย (Research Article)