A Healthy Food Recommendation Application (HFRA) for Smart Eating

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Wipawan Buathong
Pita Jarupunphol
Tanagrit Chansaeng


The purpose of this research is to develop a healthy food recommendation application (HFRA) on the Android Operating System for smart eating. The HFRA was designed using the UML (Unified Modeling Language) use case diagram and formalised in the Z schemata to understand discourses associated with the HFRA. The logical arguments defined in the HFRA state schema and operation schema enforce essential rules of the HFRA. The HFRA includes key functionalities that allow users to: 1) search for healthy food; 2) calculate how to burn calories; 3) provide related details (i.e., the food name, raw materials, prices, pictures, and calories); 4) order healthy food; 5) ranking of popular menus; and 6) edit food items. The HFRA was tested with 90 participants together with a questionnaire in a chosen local restaurant in Phuket. The majority of participants were satisfied with different perspectives of the HFRA, e.g., speed of responsiveness, ease of use, usefulness, and the overall performance.


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W. Buathong, P. Jarupunphol, และ T. Chansaeng, “A Healthy Food Recommendation Application (HFRA) for Smart Eating”, J of Ind. Tech. UBRU, ปี 7, ฉบับที่ 1, น. 1–11, ก.ค. 2017.