Published: 2017-07-05

RCA on FPGAs Designed by RTL Design Methodology and Wave-Pipelined Operation

Tomoaki Sato, Sorawat Chivapreecha, Phichet Moungnoul, Kohji Higuchi


Iterative Based Time Domain Equalization Method for DFTS-OFD in Highly Mobile Environments

Pongsathorn Reangsuntea, Arttapol Reangsuntea, Pisit Boonsrimuang, Kazuo Mori, Hideo Kobayashi


Probabilistic Modelling of Variation in FGMOSFET

Rawid Banchuin, Roungsan Chaisricharoen


Output Voltage Control of the SP topology IPT system based on Primary side Controller operating at ZVS

Supapong Nutwong, Anawach Sangswang, Sumate Naetiladdanon, Ekkachai Mujjalinvimut