The luminescence characteristics of Eu3+-doped lithium-gadolinium borate glasse


  • Kitipun Boonin


Glass, Eu doped, Luminescence glass


Eu-doped lithium-gadolinium borate glasses with the formula [60Li2O:10Gd2O3:(30-x) B2O3:xEu2O3] (LGBO:Eu3+) were fabricated using melt quenching technique. The 5 glass samples with different concentrations of
Eu 2O3 were prepared under atmospheric pressure. The samples were investigated on their properties: density, molar volume, absorption spectra and photoluminescence. The trend of density swings at the first 2 concentrations and
then tends to decrease with the increment of the concentrations. The molar volume trend is in the opposite way to that of the density. It is obvious that there are 2 peaks for near infrared wavelengths and other 2 peaks for the
visible range which show the Eu3+ in the glass structure. The higher concentration of the dopant, the higher peaks of intensity. The excitation spectra show 6 peaks representing the energy transitions from the ground state 7F0 to different excited states. The emission spectra were measured with 395 nm light from Xenon compact arc lamps. The spectra trends to increase with increasing concentration of the dopant.


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