A real-time prototype of a water level monitor and wide area early flood warning


  • Narumon Wannoi
  • Chaisit Wannoi Computer Technology Department, Faculty of Agricultural and Industrial Technology, Phetchabun Rajabhat University, Phetchabun, 67000 Thailand




Real time, Water level monitor, Flood early warning system, Line application


This article presents a real-time prototype of a water level monitor and wide area early flood warning. The prototype consists of two systems: the first is designed to provide real-time display and alarm alerts on a lab view program; the second is designed to measure water levels and display results via applications on a smartphone in real-time using the Blynk application, as well as to alert users of impending floods via the LINE application using Internet of Things (IoT) technology. The target user in this research study is Sado Phong Community, Khao Kho District, Phetchabun Province. This case study was designed for a stream with a water depth of 200 cm and a three-tiered alarm system: 140 cm, 150 cm and 170 cm of water height. The study results showed that when simulating each set level increase, the prototype could display real-time water level changes and give an alarm in both systems. The error value of the meter for the system displayed in the lab view was ± 1.11%. In comparison, the error value for the system displayed via an application on a smartphone for ultrasonic sensor 1 was ± 0.60% and ultrasonic sensor 2 was ± 0.80%, including the ability to notify a group of community members via the LINE application.


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