Investigation CeF3 Doped SiO2-Al2O3-BaF2-Gd2O3 Glasses Effect on Luminescence and Scintillation Properties

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Prapon Lertloypanyachai
Nattasuda Yawai
Weerapong Chewpraditkul
Danping Chen 


Scintillating glasses with host compositions (in mol.%) of 50SiO2 - 20Al2O3 - 15BaF2 - 15Gd2O3 doped with CeF3 (0.50, 1 and 1.50 wt.%) were prepared by melt-quenching method under a CO reducing atmosphere. The emission band of the Ce3+: 5d - 4f transition in the spectral region 350 – 570 nm found in the photo- and radio-luminescence spectra. The integral scintillation efficiency was approximately 180% of the Bi4Ge3O12 (BGO) scintillator excited under X-ray irradiation. Light yield (LY) measured under excitation with  particles and  - rays. The 1 wt.% CeF3 glass shows a LY of 1969 photons/MeV at 662 keV  - rays, while the value of 228 photons/MeV was obtained at 5.50 MeV  particles and compared with BGO crystal. Photoluminescence decay kinetics displayed a few tens of nanoseconds decay time.


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Lertloypanyachai, P., Yawai, N., Chewpraditkul, W., & Chen , D. (2021). Investigation CeF3 Doped SiO2-Al2O3-BaF2-Gd2O3 Glasses Effect on Luminescence and Scintillation Properties. SNRU Journal of Science and Technology, 13(3), 96-102. Retrieved from
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