The High Capacitance for Electrode Structure of Interdigital Capacitor Thin Film Models


  • Risse Entikaria Rachmanita Politeknik Negeri Jember


Abstract: This manuscript presents the outcomes of a study to determine the capacitance and electrical properties of interdigital capacitors (IDCs) thin film in 3 models. Three models of IDCs thin film were designed and fabricated on standard FR-4 PCB board using dc magnetron sputtering. The three IDCs thin film models have the same electrode material, the number of electrodes, the length, and the width of electrode but differ in electrode structure. The electrode material is silver (Ag). The capacitance, resistance, impedance, and conductance of IDCs thin films were measured and analyzed by LCR-6100 at room temperature. The electrode structure has a significant effect on the electrical properties of IDCs thin films. The new models of IDCs thin film, model 2 and model 3, show high capacitance in the range frequency of 1 – 100 kHz compare with general IDCs.


Keywords: Electrode thin film, DC magnetron sputtering, Electrical properties, Interdigital capacitors


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