The development of web-based application for notification of network status and assigned task


  • Satit Kravenkit khonkaen


Zabbix; monitoring network devices; Mongo DB; Node.js


The TOT public company limited, the sales regional and service center at the 2nd KhonKaen, is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the network devices across the Northeast Thailand. The service center agents of each province are reported the notified problems of network devices from the customer service center; the staff, subsequently, are assigned to cope with such failure of network devices. Recently, 2nd service center at KhonKaen has used the Zabbix, an open source program, to monitor the working status of network devices, thus saving time spend on problem solving and waiting time spent on waiting for the problem notification from the customer service center. The use of the open source Zabbix program enables modulator to rapidly obtain the notification of defects of network devices; however, this operation, which use documents forms to record the repair device information and send it to the others other operators (employee), suffers from complicated process and delay. To solve the problem, we developed a web application for notification of network status and assigned task management. The overview of developed web application consists of two layers: In the backend, the Mongo DB is created as the database retrieving the status log from Zabbix. In the frontend, developed web application implemented by Node.js get the failure of network devices from Mongo DB and send it as a task to the modulator and operator to fix them. Moreover, the time spent on the tasks operation, including receiving, transferring and completing, is shown to discover the total time. In the evaluation, the results of user satisfaction testing the developed web application yield the good level (4.02). Moreover, the amount of times process of maintenance of devices network using the developed application is reduced from 70 to 20 minutes, comparing to the traditional process.


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