2D Truss Analysis from DXF file in FreeCAD

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จักรี ติยะวงศ์สุวรรณ
จิรัฐิติ์ บรรจงศิริ
สมภพ ลิ้มประไพพงษ์


          The use of Python code in FreeCAD is examined in this study. Construction drawings are created using DXF files, which are common files in CAD software. In this research, the ezdxf library is used to develop a model for assessing forces in a truss structure with loads and supports. In addition, the NumPy add-on for numerical processing with matrix composite capabilities for structural analysis is also included in FreeCAD. As a result, the researcher created a module for evaluating two-dimensional scaffolds using the specified add-on. The module's purpose is to import text data, which is somewhat tough. However, using the data in the resulting DXF file format makes the importing procedure for locating forces within the truss much easier. FreeCAD's 3D objects can also be used to render the module graphically. The results are then displayed as a CSV file, which users can use to design the truss components in a variety of spreadsheet tools.


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ติยะวงศ์สุวรรณ จ., บรรจงศิริ จ., & ลิ้มประไพพงษ์ ส. (2021). 2D Truss Analysis from DXF file in FreeCAD. SAU JOURNAL OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, 7(2), 43–55. Retrieved from https://ph01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/saujournalst/article/view/245397
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