Simulation of Shielding Parameters of Some High Entropy Alloys Containing Energies for Gamma Ray and Fast Neutron

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Kittisak Sriwongsa
Punsak Glumglomchit
Teeratus Wananuraksakul
Arisa Pimprakhon
Taweewat Hanchana
Sunantasak Ravangvong


This work explains the theoretically radiation shielding of alloy materials by using WinXCom software program at energies ranging 1 keV-100 GeV and the density of alloy was computed by rule of mixture (ROM). The radiation shielding properties of some high entropy alloys (HEAs) were found dependent on energies ranging. At low energies ranging, the mass attenuation coefficient presented many intermittent shifts in accordance with the photoelectric effect absorption edges. At intermediate energies ranging, the mass attenuation coefficient value is nearly constant, and the effective atomic number was nearly the mean atomic number as the Compton scattering is main process. At high energies ranging, the pair production is main process and tends to be constant at high energies ranging. The effective atomic number and the electron density of alloy had the opposite tend. The mean free path and the half value layer had the same behavior. Among the selected alloys, the alloy only in composite Co-Cr-Fe-Ni was found to possess superior radiation shielding effectiveness due to its higher values of both the mass attenuation coefficient and the effective atomic number and lower values of the electron density, the mean free path and the half value layer. In addition, the fast neutron removal cross-section was evaluated and discussed. It is found that the fast neutron removal cross–section values for the studied alloys in composite Co-Cr-Fe-Ni had highest value. The computation was useful for the potential application of alloys containing energies in the field of gamma-ray and neutron shielding medium.


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Sriwongsa K, Glumglomchit P, Wananuraksakul T, Pimprakhon A, Hanchana T, Ravangvong S. Simulation of Shielding Parameters of Some High Entropy Alloys Containing Energies for Gamma Ray and Fast Neutron. J Appl Res Sci Tech [Internet]. 2020 Jun. 23 [cited 2023 Dec. 10];19(1):97-105. Available from:
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