Finding clinics based on facebook social network data: A case study in the Phitsanulok province อตรีลักษณ์ ศรีเพ็ง และ จรัสศรี รุ่งรัตนาอุบล*

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จรัสศรี รุ่งรัตนาอุบล


This study aims to design an algorithm in order to make use of the social data (Facebook) for providing the useful clinic information services. Then the information is used in a design and development of a LINE chat bot and web application. The application can support the clinical data search with up-to-date clinic data, using the clinic data in Phitsanulok province as a case study. The clinic data are gathered from 2 sources Clinic information registered with the Public Health Office and Clinic Facebook pages. The development process is divided into 4main parts which are 1) Clinic classification based on the treatment or type of the clinic, which can classify the clinic by treatment type, 2) Application for mobile phone users through LINE application, which is a chat bot based on question-and-answer with a list of clinic queried by treatment type, including a link to clinic's Facebook page, 3) Web application based on LINE's platform, which includes clinic search function and an interface to Facebook page and 4) Web service, which is used as a background system for managing clinic data and also provides information for all clinics in Phitsanulok (already classified by type) for other developers who want to make use of this information.


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