Development of Samed mushroom (Boletus griseipurpureus Corner) crackers and quality study during storage

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Chompunooch Somalee
Natta Kachenpukdee
Amornrat Angajchariya


The objectives of this research were to develop cracker products using pre-treated Samed mushrooms in three variations (boiling water, brining, and soaking in herbal water), assess the proximate composition, evaluate their chemical and physical properties, and assess the quality of Samed mushroom crackers during storage. The proximate composition of fresh Samed mushrooms (per 100 g) revealed moisture of 92.08 g, carbohydrates of 2.60 g, protein of 3.37 g, ash of 0.81 g, fat of 0.23 g, and fiber content of 0.91g. The energy content was 29.59 kcal/100 g. The proximate composition of Samed mushroom crackers per 100 g indicated the following: carbohydrates 69.25 g, crude fat 24.08 g, protein 4.36 g, ash 1.82 g, and moisture 0.49 g. Additionally, the energy content was 511.6 kcal/100 g, with sugar and sodium contents measuring at 0.91 g and 552.3 mg/100 g, respectively. The study on the different types of pre-treatment solutions for Samed mushrooms demonstrated that pre-treatment by soaking in herbal water received the highest acceptance from consumers, with an overall liking score of 8.97. In the development of Samed mushroom crackers, the appropriate ratio of Samed mushroom to fish was 15 to 85. Regarding the microbiological quality changes during a 30-day storage period, the study revealed that the total viable count was <10 CFU/g, yeast count was 7.0 CFU/g, Bacillus cereus count was <100 CFU/g, Staphylococcus aureus count was <10 CFU/g, Clostridium perfringens count was <100 CFU/g, and Escherichia coli count was 3.0 CFU/g. In terms of chemical quality, the peroxide value was 0.57 meq/kg which is consistent with the Thai Community Product Standard (Cracker 107/2011). Storage for 30 days found that the condition of adding nitrogen gas resulted in the finding of less microorganisms than in a normal atmosphere, along with conditions for adding oxygen absorbers together with desiccant.

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Somalee C, Kachenpukdee N, Angajchariya A. Development of Samed mushroom (Boletus griseipurpureus Corner) crackers and quality study during storage. J Appl Res Sci Tech [Internet]. 2024 Apr. 4 [cited 2024 Jun. 13];23(1):254159. Available from:
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