Efficiency of Cathode Catalyst Between Ag/C and AgMnxOy/C for Glucose Membraneless Alkaline Fuel Cell

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Chakkrapong Chaiburi
Kantrakorn Suwanraksa
Sitanan Bunyord


This research aims to analyse and develop catalysts for use in membraneless alkaline glucose solution fuel cells. Glucose solution is a polyalcohol group. Glucose solution can be developed for use in oxidation reactions. The advantage of glucose solution is that it is a form of renewable energy, contributing to its suitability for alkaline fuel cells. Catalysts for cathode electrodes for use in membraneless glucose solution fuel cells are studied in this research. The AgMnxOy/C catalyst is resistant to the oxidation of glucose solution. After doping with glucose solution fuel, it is possible to test the electricity generation efficiency of alkaline fuel cells using glucose solution fuel at a concentration of 0.1 M. For the anode electrode, the catalytic performance of PdNi/C was further improved by synthesising Ni with Pd in a 1:1 atomic ratio. The experimental results involve a direct glucose membraneless alkaline fuel cell (DGMAFC). Using the PdNi/C anode and the AgMnxOy/C cathode showed a higher power density of about 77.30 % than using the PdNi/C anode and the Ag/C cathode. Therefore, selection of glucose solution can be developed for renewable energy to increase energy. It is then necessary to study physical characteristics such as the alloy ratio and to study the electro-oxidation-reduction reactions of catalysts using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS), and cyclic voltammetry (CV).


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Chaiburi C, Suwanraksa K, Bunyord S. Efficiency of Cathode Catalyst Between Ag/C and AgMnxOy/C for Glucose Membraneless Alkaline Fuel Cell. J Appl Res Sci Tech [Internet]. 2022 Dec. 19 [cited 2023 Dec. 11];21(2):126-3. Available from: https://ph01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/rmutt-journal/article/view/249657
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