Bacterial and Fungal Contamination of Personal Care Product in Northern Thailand

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Surachai Techaoei


The aim of this present study was focused on detection of several pathogens from cosmetic and spa products in northern Thailand. Eighty and seven samples including body cream, facial cream, hand cream, cleansing lotion, bath form, shampoo, and liquid soap were collected from eight provinces in northern Thailand. The total plate count of pathogenic bacteria was determined by using plate count agar. The results showed that 3.44% (3/87 samples) of total samples had the bacterial count of more than maximum limitation of 5.0x105cfu/g include facial cream, and hair cram and dressing. Additionally, 8 of 87 personal care samples or 9.19% had total yeast and molds count of more than 5.0x103 cfu/g. These samples were facial cream, hand cream and body lotion, hair cram and dressing, and shampoo and hair colorant. All samples did not show pathogen contamination in personal care product. Our data indicated that herbal cosmetic products from OTOP require process improvement to provide better quality for consumer healthcare and get an opportunity to complete in international worldwide market for healthcare business development.

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