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Warinthorn Poonsri
Purin Akkarakultron
Kannapot kaewsorn


The studied on processing of rose tea using white and red rose. The rose petals and flowers were chosen for drying a tea under the method of hot air oven which used to compare with the solar dryer method. Results showed that, the rose petals drying time under the hot air oven method with the temperature of 70, 80 and 90°C was dried to a final moisture content of 19.79 -22.96 %db . While, rose flowers drying time was three hours using hot air oven method under the temperature of 80°C, 90 and 100°C was dried to  final moisture content of 19.95 - 28.35 %db. For solar dryer method reported the drying time of 8 hours/day with an average temperature is around 43°C. Solar dryer was dried rose petals to final moisture content of 22.97 - 26.90 %db. In addition, rose flowers were dried to final moisture content of 25.99 - 27.57 %db. All treatments presented the water activities (aw) value between 0.3-0.5. Drying rate of rose petals with hot air oven at 31 g/hr, while drying rate by solar dryer at 5 g/hr. By the time drying rate of rose flowers with hot air oven at 7 g/hr and drying rate by solar dryer at 0.5 g/hr. However, rose tea from all process non significant differences from tasters.


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Poonsri W, Akkarakultron P, kaewsorn K. STUDY ON DRYING METHOD OF ROSE TEA. J Appl Res Sci Tech [Internet]. 2018 Apr. 4 [cited 2023 Dec. 7];16(1-2):1-9. Available from:
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