PV-Biodiesel Hybrid-DC Grid for Chiang Mai World Green City Community Model

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Suchat Srikaew
Worajit Setthapun
Hathaithip Ninsonti


The main objective of this research is to design a stable, economic efficient and affordable stand-alone DC community grid system with 264-297 VDC from hybrid biodiesel-PV power generation.  The main components of the system were 25.5 kW PV panels, 40 kW biodiesel generator, a solar charger, 44 central batteries, 4 booster batteries (installed in each building), and underground DC cables. The community consisted of 4 residential housing, 1 office, 1 coffee shop, 1 minimart, and 1 restaurant. The results showed that, the integration of batteries, PV and biodiesel power generation as power supply was sufficient for load power of stand-alone DC community grid. Moreover, stand-alone DC grid system with modified DC appliances is more cost-effective in economics than stand-alone AC grid system. That would be practical for rural community.



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