The relationship between satellite rainfall and the gauge rainfall

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สุบรร ผลกะส


The relationship between the rainfall obtained from weather satellite of the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) and the recorded rainfall from Thai Meteorology Department (TMD) was investigated. The 3 hourly rainfall data during 2009-2011 over the study area of the Nan River Basin were used in this study. The TRMM rainfall is higher than 3- hourly areal rainfall over the study area. More than 48% of 3-hourly rainfall pair occurrences are in the range of 0-5 mm. The obtained Probability of Detection (POD) score is more than 58%. The comparison of the TRMM rainfalls and the gauging rainfalls was undertaken using the linear regression technique. The comparison result was quite satisfactory with R2 of 0.557.


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