• Thanit Metheenukul Faculty of Science and Technology, Uttaradit Rajabhat University
  • Pornphimon Metheenukul Faculty of Veterinary Technology Kasetsart University
  • Anucha Rikakorn Faculty of Industrial Technology, Uttaradit Rajabhat University
  • Yodphatarachai Kanitpunyacharoen Faculty of Industrial Technology, Uttaradit Rajabhat University
  • Kanchana Plianumrung Faculty of Industrial Technology, Uttaradit Rajabhat University



Omega–9, Cold pressed oil, Red shelled coconut, GC–MS


The objectives of an experimental study for omega–9 content in cold pressed oil from red and green shelled coconuts were 1) to study for omega–9 content with the fermentation duration to obtain the highest oil content and 2) to study the physio-chemical properties of coconut oil and omega–9 content. Oil extraction yield produced from general coconuts with green shells took two days with a meat and water weight ratio of 1:1 for squeezing into coconut milk. Red shelled coconuts took four days with the weight of meat and water at 1:2 to squeeze into coconut milk. The acidity of natural cold pressed oil from green and red shelled coconuts was 4.75 and 0.90 mg KOH/g, respectively. The viscosities of natural cold pressed oil from green shelled coconut at 40 and 100 oC were 75.22 and 61.08 centistroke, respectively. Natural cold pressed oil from red shelled coconut at 40 and 100oC were 45.48 and 17.71 centistroke, respectively. The boiling point of natural cold pressed oil from green shelled coconut was 153oC while for the natural cold pressed oil from red shelled coconut was 147oC. The calorific values of natural cold pressed oil from green and red shelled coconuts were 7,580.90 and 718.57 calories/g, respectively. The composition of natural cold pressed oil by GC–MS was found that oil from red shelled coconut contained omega–9, approximately 70% higher than oil from green shelled coconut. Therefore, oil from red shelled coconut has good dietary benefits in terms of higher omega–9 content, with lower acidity, viscosity and calories. Compared to the green shell, which is suitable for general purposes and utilities.


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