• Utain Chanlabut Faculty of Science and Technology, Muban Chombueng Rajabhat University
  • Benchawan Nahok Educational Research Development and Demonstration Institute, Srinakharinwirot University




Land snails, Limestone hill, Species diversity, Abundance


Species diversity and abundance of land snails were carried out in Khao Bin limestone hills, Ratchaburi Province. Six plots of 20x20 m were set up to collect specimens from two areas of limestone hills in the rainy season from June to September 2020. All specimens of the land snails were classified into 8 species and 6 families, which belonged to 2 subclasses comprising Prosobranchia and Pulmonata. The Prosobranchia consisted of Cyclophorus sp. and Cyclotus sp. The Pulmonata consisted of Cryptozona siamensis, Landouria sp., Oophana sp., Prosopeas sp., Pupina sp., Sarika sp. The highest abundance species is Cyclophorus sp. (291 specimens or 27%), and the lowest abundance species is Prosopeas sp. (1 specimen or 0.1%). Ecological indices were analyzed, comprising density = 0.45 individuals/m2, species richness (Margalef index) = 1.00, diversity index (Shannon-Weiner’s index; H′) = 1.01, dominance index (Simpson’s index) = 0.15, evenness index = 0.48 and similarity index (Bray – Curtis) among each plot range from 10.90 – 94.44.


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