• Chanon Bunmephiphit Rattanakosin College for Sustainable Energy and Environment, Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin
  • Pattama Sornsanit Rattanakosin College for Sustainable Energy and Environment, Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin




Crocodile manure, Bamboo sawdust, Biomass, Pellet


Biomass pelleting process is the process of increasing the density of the biomass. It has higher values of the physical and chemical properties. This research used crocodile manure which is the waste from crocodile farms mixed with bamboo sawdust from local wicker crafts. The mixed crocodile-bamboo sawdust pellets can reduce the problem of smell and sludge of the crocodile farm and decrease the burning of bamboo sawdust. The results showed that, the crocodile manure mixed with bamboo sawdust pellets increased the density up to 875.70 kg/m3 (moisture content 20%, ratio of crocodile manure and bamboo sawdust 1:0, 20CS10) The lower value chemical properties including moisture content, volatile matter and ash content were of 10.37%. 26.29% and 28.10%, respectively While the fixed carbon and calorific value were 34.19% and 13.85 mega joules/kg, respectively which were found to be high. It can be utilized as a fuel for generation. The crocodile manure mixed bamboo sawdust pellets can reduce environmental impacts such as smell and sludge in the crocodile farm. It is also the management process of quality crocodile farm. Moreover, it reduces the burning of biomass in the local.


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