• Patcharakamon Klunbut
  • Chamaiphon Khammak
  • Siriporn Khamkhetwit
  • Watcharaporn Wongsakoonkan



Work-related accident, Construction worker, Nonthaburi Province


This cross-sectional study was conducted with the purpose to assess the prevalence and factors associated with work-related accidents among the electric railway construction workers in Nonthaburi province. The data were collected by using a structured questionnaire. Data were analyzed by descriptive statistics and Chi-square test. Results revealed that most of construction worker were male (62.86%) with average age was 38.33. About 32.90% of them graduated from primary school. 60% of them had body mass indices in the overweight. The average sleeping times was 7.50 hours per day. For job information, Majority of them (80.00%) was general workers with average work experience was 2.43 years. 68.57% of them worked in day shift. In term of work safety behavior, most of them (82.80 %) had safety behavior at moderate level. With regards to work stress, most of them (80.00 %) had work stress at moderate level. In addition, the prevalence of work-related accident among construction workers during past 6 months was 42.90%. According to analysis of factors related to work-related accident among construction workers, it was found that safety behavior (p = 0.013) and work stress (p = 0.003) were significantly associated work-related accident at α = 0.05. Regarding to the result of this study could recommend that the organization should be considered to promote safety behavior among construction workers and provide the activity or program to reduce the work-related accident.



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Klunbut, P. ., Khammak, C. ., Khamkhetwit , S. ., & Wongsakoonkan, W. . (2021). PREVALENCE AND FACTORS RELATED TO WORK-RELATED ACCIDENTS AMONG ELECTRIC RAILWAY CONSTRUCTION WORKERS IN NONTHABURI PROVINCE. Life Sciences and Environment Journal, 22(2), 192–204.



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