Keywords: hybrid solar dryer, artificial neural network modeling, pineapple


This research presents experimental performance and artificial neural network modeling of a hybrid solar dryer for drying pineapples at Raimoung Community Enterprise, Loei province (17.48N, 101.72E), Thailand. Ten batches of the pineapples were used for drying experiments, 10.0 kg of the pineapples per batch. The parameters used in the artificial neural network model are solar radiation, air temperature, relative humidity and airflow rate. The numerical solution was programmed using C++ programming. The results showed that pineapple moisture contents calculated from the model corresponded with the experimental values, representing RMSE=0.4003 and R2=0.9918.


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Author Biography

Jagrapan Piwsaoad, Program of Physics, Department of Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, Loei Rajabhat University, Loei 42000, Thailand
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