Influence of Mn on Mechanical Properties and Hardening Behaviors of High Carbon Containing Austenitic Manganese Fe-xMn-2Cr-1.3C Steels


  • Phacharaphon Tunthawiroon Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
  • Kulsiri Pothikamjorn Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang


Fe-Mn steels, mechanical property, tensile tests, hardening behavior, strain hardening rate


          The mechanical properties and hardening behaviors of the high carbon containing Fe-13Mn, Fe-18Mn, and Fe-20Mn steels was investigated in this study. The microstructures of the experimental steels were researched using the electron back-scattered diffraction, EBSD and X-ray diffraction, XRD techniques. The mechanical properties of the steels were characterized by hardness and monotonic tensile tests. The hardening behavior was determined based on the material constants obtained from the relationship between the true stress and true strain. The results indicated that the Mn concentrations were insignificantly affected on the microstructure and the phase of Fe-xMn steels, as well as the hardness and tensile properties. The power law relation during the plastic deformation for Fe-13Mn, Fe-18Mn, and Fe-20Mn steels could be predicted to be gif.latex?\sigma&space;=2230.62\varepsilon^{0.474}, gif.latex?\sigma&space;=2240.41\varepsilon&space;^{0.433},  and , gif.latex?\sigma&space;=2051\varepsilon^{0.381} respectively. The strength coefficient, K and the strain hardening exponent, n, were found to be decreased with increasing Mn concentrations. Reduction of the strain hardening exponent, n led to the decline in strain hardening rate d\varepsilon)during the plastic deformation of Fe-xMn steels. 


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