• Description About the Journal


    Engineering and Technology Horizons (Formerly known as Ladkrabang Engineering Journal) is an academic journal organized by the Faculty of Engineering King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang.The purpose of the periodical are

    1. To publish high-quality articles on engineering and technology nationally and internationally.
    2. To be the publication of research and development in engineering and technology fields.
    3.  To be the medium for exchanging research results and knowledge in engineering and technology between students, researchers and teachers.
    4. To be the collection centre of interesting and valuable research articles, and academic works in engineering and technology.

    Scope of the Journal

    1. Articles to be published must be an article in engineering fields, such as a research report that the author has experimented with, created, or directly involved in.
      The published article should presents an idea or possible new principles, which have an adequate theory support, or be an interesting useful academic article for students and researchers.
      it is noted that the author must dirrectly have involed or organized in the majority part of the manuscripts
    2. The articles published by the journal cover the fields of engineering and technology both in Thai and English as follows:
    • Civil Engineering Environmental Engineering and engineering related to architecture
    • Electrical engineering electronic engineering and computer engineering
    • Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering
    • Agricultural engineering and food engineering
    • Industrial engineering management engineering and production engineering
    • Telecommunication engineering and information engineering
    • Mechanical engineering rail engineering and mechatronic engineering
    • Aeronautical engineering
    • Musical engineering
    1. Articles submitted in the journal, It must be an article that has never been published in a journal or other publication in any language, and must not be under consideration by a journal or other printed media

    Type of Article

    Research articles and Academic articles

    Peer Review Process

    -The internal article will be double-blind reviewed by at least 3 external specialist. 

    -The external article will be double-blind reviewed by at least 3 external and/or internal specialist. 

    every 3 month 

    Issue 1: January - March

    Issue 2: April - June

    Issue 3: July - September

    Issue 4: October - December

    Publication fee

    -No publication fee

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