- Forecasting Fall-Out of Undergraduates Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University with Data Mining Technique (pp. 1-17)
- Classifying Nail Abnormalities by Convolutional Neural Network (pp. 18-35)
- Developing a System for Notification of Forgetting to Close the Dormitory Door with Mobile Application using Internet of Things (pp. 36-50)
- A Study of Areas Affected by the Burning of Waste Landfills in Samut Prakan Province with the ALOHA Model (pp. 51-59)
- Integrated of Geographic Information System for Supporting Tourism 12 Cities Hidden Gems Plus: Case Study Eastern Region (pp. 60-70)
- The Development Application Promote Agritourism of Pakdee Farm with Augmented Reality Technology (pp. 71-85)

Published: 2023-02-03