Book Review-Evidence-Based Geriatric Nursing Protocols for Best Practice

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Sattha Prakobchai


Dr Boltz and co-editors are recognized as experts in gerontology across the global. This is a supreme book for gerontological nurses. Nurses play crucial roles in providing direct care, managing physical and psychological needs, preventing illnesses, and treating health conditions for clients in health care system. A recent insight regarding the population of older adults are increasing, and patient-centered care is a gold standard for health care delivery while evidence-based practice for clinical decision-making is typically used as a guide for enhancing the quality of care. This book consisted of five parts and forty-four chapters. In part I (Chapter 1–5), the authors mention and get an insight on incorporating evidence into practice. In part II (Chapter 6–17), the main contents holistically focus on geriatric assessment and management functional decline among older adults and family caregiving. In part III (Chapter 18–33), the contents are related to the specific clinical intervention for older adults and all kind of geriatric syndromes. In part IV (Chapter 34–40), the contents are useful for nurse in specialty areas such as comprehensive assessment in critical care, critical conditions, substance misuse and alcohol use disorder, cancer and intervention strategies, perioperative and post-operative care.

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