Book Review-Natural food additives, ingredients and flavourings

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Chutipapha Suwankanit


The first edition of Natural Food Additives, Ingredients and Flavourings is edited by Dr David Baines and Mr Richard Seal, who have experience in food industry over 35 and 50 years respectively, working as affiliations and expertise in the United Kingdom and worldwide. This book is categorised into two parts which are (I) Natural additives, ingredients and flavourings and (II) Applications in different products. Seventeen chapters within the book are written by different authors; they are professors and researchers in the fields. Contexts within the book provide clarity to the intended messages about food science, technology and nutrition; specific use and the applications of varied case studies are referred. Deeper understanding of its contents has been settled as a research knowledge guidance for evidence-based explanation on food ingredients to find natural alternatives to E number (INS number) compounds in clean label concept. Terminology of the word “natural” is also being determined and applied across all the context of food products (chapter-1), including natural additives, ingredients and flavourings (chapter-2), natural low calorie sweeteners (chapter-3), natural food and beverage flavour enhancers (chapter-4), natural antioxidants (chapter-5) alongside natural antimicrobials as additives and ingredients (chapter-6). Explorations of clean label starches in food and beverages (chapter-7), natural hydrocolloids (chapter-8), proteins as clean label ingredients (chapter-9) are relevant concerns. The utilisation of natural aroma chemicals in foods and beverages (chapter-10) may be of in line with the origins of sustainable chemistry. The production of natural flavours by biotransformation (chapter-11) and green chemistry for foods and beverages (chapter-12) are determined their techniques. Applications of natural ingredients in savoury food products (chapter-13), baked goods (chapter-14), natural plant extracts in soft drinks (chapter-15), natural ingredients in alcohol drinks (chapter-16), dairy products and milk-based food ingredients (chapter-17) are taken into consideration for their future trends, sources of further information and advice.

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